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EPI Dev7 (ARM PID compatible)

The EPI Dev7 (ARM PID compatible) platform, based on the ARM7TDMI is supported by both eCos and RedBoot.

Supported devices

Device drivers are included for:

  • Diagnostic (polled) serial I/O
  • Interrupt-driven serial I/O



We have been informed that the EPI DEV7 is no longer available. Please contact EPI for more details:

    Embedded Performance Inc, USA
    tel +1 (408) 9570350
    fax +1 (408) 9570307
web     e-mail


The EPI Dev7 (ARM PID compatible) platform is supported by eCos from public releases 1.3.1 and onwards in addition to being available from the anonymous CVS repository. RedBoot sources are publically available from eCos public releases 2.0 and onwards, in addition to being available from the anonymous CVS repository.


Specifications are available for the processor and are available on-line from the manufacturer's web site.

Instructions for installing RedBoot on the Dev7 can be found in the RedBoot User's Guide. Board specific instructions, including installation instructions can be found here within the User's Guide.

Instructions for installing and using eCos on the Dev7 are available here.

The most recent version of the full documentation set may be found on-line here.

RedBoot support

Prebuilt binaries of RedBoot are available for download for both ROM and RAM startup. Some necessary support files may also be included. Consult the RedBoot documentation on how to use these binaries.