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hp iPAQ PocketPC

The hp iPAQ PocketPC platform, based on the Intel StrongARM SA-1110 is supported by both eCos and RedBoot.

Supported devices

Device drivers are included for:

  • Diagnostic (polled) serial I/O
  • Interrupt-driven serial I/O
  • Ethernet
  • PCMCIA/Compact Flash
  • Keypad
  • Touchscreen
  • Watchdog



The iPAQ may be purchased from many commercial retail outlets. It is also available on-line from the HP web site. A list of retailers is also available there.


Source code for both eCos and RedBoot is available publically from eCos releases 2.0 and onwards, as well as from the anonymous CVS repository.


Specifications are available for the processor and platform and are available on-line from the manufacturer's web site.

Instructions for installing RedBoot on the iPAQ can be found in the RedBoot User's Guide. Board specific instructions, including installation instructions can be found here within the User's Guide.

Instructions for installing and using eCos on the iPAQ are available here.

The most recent version of the full documentation set may be found on-line here.

RedBoot support

Prebuilt binaries of RedBoot are available for download for both ROM and RAM startup. Some necessary support files may also be included. Consult the RedBoot documentation on how to use these binaries.

Other resources

A demonstration of RedBoot, eCos (with graphical demo based on MicroWindows), and RedBoot booting embedded Linux are available here.


Thanks to Richard Panton of 3G Lab who contributed the initial work on which this port was based.