Property display — Provide a short string describing this option.


cdl_option <name> {
    display <string>


Users can only be expected to manipulate configuration options sensibly if they are given sufficient information about these options. There are three properties which serve to explain an option in plain text: the display property gives a textual alias for an option, which is usually more comprehensible than something like CYGPKG_LIBC_TIME_ZONES ; the description property gives a longer description, typically a paragraph or so; the doc property specifies the location of additional on-line documentation related to a configuration option. In the context of a graphical tool the display string will be the primary way for users to identify configuration options; the description paragraph will be visible whenever the option is selected; the on-line documentation will only be accessed when the user explicitly requests it.


    display       "Message box queue size"
    flavor        data
    legal_values  1 to 65535
    default_value 10
    description   "
        This configuration option controls the number of messages
        that can be queued in a message box before a non-blocking
        put() operation will fail or a blocking put() operation will
        block. The cost in memory is one pointer per message box for
        each possible message."

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