Property include_dir — Specify the desired location of a package's exported header files in the install tree.


cdl_package <name> {
    include_dir <sub-directory>


Most packages export one or more header files defining their public interface. For example the C library exports header files such as stdio.h and ctype.h . If the package follows the directory layout conventions then the exported header files will normally be found in the package's include sub-directory. Alternatively the include_files property can be used to specify which header files should be exported.

By default a package's exported header files will be copied to the include sub-directory of the install tree. This is correct for packages like the C library because that is the correct location for files such as stdio.h . However to reduce the probability of name clashes it is desirable for packages to use different sub-directories, for example infrastructure header files get copied to include/cyg/infra rather than to the top-level include directory itself.

It would be possible to replicate these sub-directories in each package's source tree, such that the infrastructure header file sources lived in include/cyg/infra in the source tree as well as in the install tree. This would make things more difficult for the package developers. Instead it is possible to specify the desired install tree sub-directory using an include_dir property, for example include_dir cyg/infra .

The include_dir property can only be used in the body of a cdl_package command, since it applies to all of the header files exported by a package, and only one include_dir property can be used. If there is no include_dir property then exported header files will end up in the top-level include directory of the install tree.


cdl_package CYGPKG_INFRA {
    display       "Infrastructure"
    include_dir   cyg/infra
    description   "
        Common types and useful macros.
        Tracing and assertion facilities.
        Package startup options."

See Also

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