Property script — Include additional configuration information from another CDL script.


cdl_component <name> {
    script <filename>


It is possible to define all the configuration options and sub-components for a given package in a single CDL script, either by nesting them in the appropriate command bodies, by extensive use of the parent property, or by some combination of these two. However for large packages this is inconvenient and it is better to split the raw configuration data over several different files. The script property can be used to achieve this. It takes a single filename as argument. If the package follows the directory layout conventions then the configuration tools will look for the specified file in the cdl sub-directory of the package, otherwise it will look for the file relative to the package's top-level directory.

The script property can only occur in the body of a cdl_component command, and only one script property per body is allowed.


cdl_component CYGPKG_UITRON_TASKS {
    display      "Tasks"
    flavor        none
    description   "
        uITRON Tasks are the basic blocks of multi-tasking
        in the uITRON world; they are threads or lightweight
        processes, sharing the address space and the CPU.
        They communicate using the primitives outlined above.
        Each has a stack, an entry point (a C or C++ function),
        and (where appropriate) a scheduling priority."

    script        tasks.cdl

See Also

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