ARM/ARM7+ARM9 ARM PID Board and EPI Dev7+Dev9


RedBoot uses either of the serial ports. The default serial port settings are 38400,8,N,1. Management of onboard flash is also supported.

The following RedBoot configurations are supported:

ROM[ROM]RedBoot running from the board's flash boot sector.redboot_ROM.ecm
RAM[RAM]RedBoot running from RAM with RedBoot in the flash boot sector.redboot_RAM.ecm

Initial Installation Method

Device programmer is used to program socketed flash parts with ROM version of RedBoot.

Alternatively, to install RedBoot on a target that already has eCos GDB stubs, download the RAM mode image of RedBoot and run it. Initialize the flash image directory: fis init Then download the ROM version of RedBoot and program it into flash:

RedBoot> load -b %{FREEMEMLO} -m ymodem
RedBoot> fi cr RedBoot

Special RedBoot Commands


Memory Maps

RedBoot sets up the following memory map on the PID board.

Physical Address Range Description
----------------------- -----------
0x00000000 - 0x0007ffff DRAM
0x04000000 - 0x04080000 flash
0x08000000 - 0x09ffffff ASB Expansion
0x0a000000 - 0x0bffffff APB Reference Peripheral
0x0c000000 - 0x0fffffff NISA Serial, Parallel and PC Card ports 

Rebuilding RedBoot

These shell variables provide the platform-specific information needed for building RedBoot according to the procedure described in Chapter 3:

export TARGET=pid
export ARCH_DIR=arm
export PLATFORM_DIR=pid

The names of configuration files are listed above with the description of the associated modes.