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Why have another embedded real-time operating system?

Even with so many commercially available run-time solutions, more than 50 percent of all embedded projects today are built using in-house proprietary, or "roll your own", real-time technologies (Venture Development Corporation). The original eCos developers (Cygnus Solutions which later became part of Red Hat) partnered with microprocessor vendors and embedded product manufacturing companies to develop eCos around the requirement of an open, technically advanced run-time solution. eCos was designed to address the following fundamental issues that force embedded product manufacturing companies to develop their own run-time technologies:

  • Cost - eCos is royalty free and license cost free. It is portable across chip architectures, which makes it well-suited for software developers of high-volume applications in consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive and other deeply embedded applications,

  • Control - eCos is an open-source run-time technology which fosters innovation, reduces risk, and places customers in control of their application specific content by enabling programmers on the Internet to read, redistribute, and modify the source code for eCos.

  • Technical Fit - eCos provides source-level configuration (more than 200 configuration points) to exactly match application needs and is tightly integrated with the latest version of GNUPro tools, including highly optimized compilation technology, multi-threaded debugging, graphical configuration, test suites, etc.

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