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(Answer) (Category) eCos FAQ : (Category) Porting eCos and RedBoot to a new target system :
How about porting eCos to a new board?

As with a processor port, usually the first step is to publicize your intention and make sure that nobody else is already doing this. The second step is to make sure that you have the necessary tools, in particular some way of running an executable on the target board. It is possible that gdb already provides support for that board. Alternatively it may be necessary to add the necessary support to gdb, or to use some other means of running programs.

Assuming a working toolchain, the work involved on the eCos side is to implement a new platform HAL package. This involves issues such as board initialization, diagnostics, possibly gdb support, and linker scripts. There are existing platform HAL packages for the supported boards, and any of these can be used as starting points.

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