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Installing eCos 1.3.1 under Windows

Downloading eCos

The latest development versions of eCos are now provided via the eCos anonymous CVS repository, and it is strongly recommended that wherever possible this mechanism is used in preference to downloading eCos 1.3.1. eCos 1.3.1 does not have the functionality, platform coverage, nor bug fixes that are available in the latest versions of eCos.

Nevertheless, the eCos 1.3.1 distribution for Windows is still available to download as a self-extracting executable file. Even when using the CVS repository, it is better to have installed the v1.3.1 release first in order to set up other infrastructure. Click on the following link to download: It is preferable to use one of the eCos mirror sites closer to you to reduce download time, or if the FTP server is temporarily overloaded. Note to MSIE users: due to a bug in MSIE you may be prompted for a username and password - this really means the FTP server is busy and you should try later, or better still use a mirror site.

Red Hat recommend that developers who wish to add new ports or make changes to eCos itself should access the very latest eCos repository using our anonymous CVS server. Many fundamental changes have occurred since the 1.3.1 release.

eCos also requires the GNU native tools for building the development tools and eCos packages. Windows users should obtain the latest full release of the Cygwin tools. Note that the Cygwin tools also include the bzip2 utility required to extract development tool sources.

Installing eCos

  1. Install the Cygwin native tools according to instructions provided on the Cygwin web site.

  2. Install eCos by running the downloaded distribution file and following the on-screen instructions. Note that it is not possible to upgrade an existing eCos installation. Any previous installations should be uninstalled (using the Add/Remove Programs utility in the Control Panel) before installing eCos 1.3.1.

  3. Provide text-mode Cygwin mount points for the eCos Configuration Tool to use. Do this by entering the following command at a Cygwin bash prompt:

        bash-2.03$ mount -f c:/ /c

    This mounts C:\ on the Cygwin mount point /c. Repeat for other drives on your system:

        bash-2.03$ mount -f d:/ /d

    and so forth.

Downloading and installing the development tools

In order to build the eCos sources, you will require a cross-compiler and related development tools. Instructions for downloading and building the tools vary depending on the architecture to be supported. These instructions should be followed from within the bash command-line environment provide by Cygwin. Click on the required toolset for detailed instructions: