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FOSDEM is the Free and Open Source Software Developer's Meeting, and it is taking place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday February 8th and Sunday February 9th. <>.

Most of the eCos maintainers are planning to attend, including myself, Nick Garnett, Bart Veer and Andrew Lunn at least. Nick will also be giving a presentation on eCos at the Embedded and Operating Systems track of FOSDEM. This will primarily be an "eCos for the uninitiated" presentation.

Other speakers at FOSDEM include Richard Stallman, Jon 'Maddog' Hall and Julian Smart who wrote the eCos Configuration Tool v2. Not bad for free entrance! See the website for more details.

Since most of the maintainers are going, Andrew wisely suggested some meetings. The plan is to have two meetings, one for the maintainers by themselves, and a public session to which all are welcome.

There is plenty to talk about, including discussions on copyright assignments, future technical direction, and particularly noteworthy is that eCosCentric is planning to release eCos 2.0 beta before FOSDEM.

A suggested agenda is as follows:

- Welcome

- Public discussion on licensing and copyright assignments

- Short technical pitches from companies - if your company would like to present here, please let me know off list and we can discuss the arrangements.

- eCos 2.0:
* Goals and remit
* Current status
* Plan for completion

- Public discussion on future technical directions of eCos *after* 2.0

- General Q&A

We will likely need to organise a meeting room, but it depends on the exact number of interested respondents, so we would like to gauge the level of interest. If you are interested in attending, you can firstly register with FOSDEM at <> and if you wish to attend the public eCos meeting please e-mail me directly *OFF LIST*. If there aren't enough respondents the public meeting may not go ahead, so it is definitely worth e-mailing me if you are planning to attend the eCos meeting.

See you there!

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--[ can rejoice because thorns have roses." -Lincoln ]-- Opinions==mine

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