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[Commercial] eCos PPP stack

eCosCentric is pleased to announce today the availability of the
eCosCentric PPP stack for eCos to enhance the eCos FreeBSD TCP/IP stack.

Derived from the FreeBSD PPP stack, the eCosCentric PPP stack includes
PAP/CHAP authentication and modem dial-up support and is provided either
seperately as an eCos package (.EPK) plug-in to eCos or is included with
eCosPro. It is distributed under a modified BSD license with no license
or royalty fees and includes full source code and documentation.

Fully supported by eCosCentric, the PPP stack extends the eCosCentric
Professional Developers Kits (eCosPro/eCosPDK), a range of stable, fully
tested and certified eCos platform ports that combine commercial
support, toolchains, prebuilt binaries and a graphical IDE to provide an
integrated development environment.

Please contact <> for further details.

-- Alex
Managing Director / CEO                           eCosCentric Limited              The eCos and RedBoot experts

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