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[Bug 1001468] eCos GNU tools 4.6.2

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--- Comment #11 from Sergei Gavrikov <> 2012-02-03 18:54:25 GMT ---
(In reply to comment #10)

Hi Ilija,


> Generally I find are 3 categories of patches (speaking about GCC):
>    - Bug fixes/workarounds: (such as LDRD). They are obsolete so I
>    have omitted them.

Good to know. Thank you for dive in.

>    - eCos related changes other than multilib: I assume we still want
>    them and I have applied them verbatim.

It looks like that. It seemed to me that they knew what they done
(fixed). They are strong experts.

>    - Multilib: This required some creative work and we can expect it
>    to evolve in future as eCos gets ported to other architectures (I
>    hope for Cortex-A, Cortex-R). Therefore I have extracted t-arm-elf
>    in a separate file (Attachment 1535) and I would insist keeping it
>    separate.

May be for now, but, (IMHO) all tweaks for any architecture must be
accumulated *at the end* in a final gcc-4.6.2-<arch>.patch. However, it
is not issue for me if you do prefer small deltas to apply.

> Further I have separated libgcc and libstfc++ patches. They can
> probably be merged back but I think it's better if they stay separate.

I think this is no problem. A matter of taste. But I would combine all
common things (for c/c++) in one gcc-4.6.2.patch.


> > Regarding your build scripts. Thank you for sharing it.
> > Unfortunately, I could not get what you proposed as configure
> > options for binutils/gcc.  I mean magic 'configure' options like
> > --enable-*, --disable-*, --with-*, --without-* :-)


> I have provided the scripts as a reference how I am building GCC (for
> the time being). I understand that they may not work in other
> environment.
> Also, that was my first experience with building GCC (when I started
> it was GCC 4.6.0), and you can find traces of my learning process in
> scripts.

Fortunately, gcc stores its configure options:

  % <target>-gcc -v

Thus, you can use (for start) configure options for GCC 4.3.2 from
eCosCentric. As you can see eCosCentric built and some cross tools
(libraries) as gmp, mpfr; it seems to me it must be used for the GCC
4.6.2 build too to prevent the host's dependencies and may be it will
need more (or less) libraries (need to investigate).

Ilija, I will try to build new toolchain for i386 architecture. It's
easier to build (less time to wait for :-) and test for me and then I
will share the got configure options and any "finds" for the build


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