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[Bug 1001466] /dev/null serial driver

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--- Comment #3 from Sergei Gavrikov <> 2012-02-15 20:45:18 GMT ---
On Comment #0
> Try to mimick /dev/null. (inspired by loop serial driver.) Comments
> welcome, maybe the semantics aren't close enough to Un*x but it should
> do the job for most cases. The doc may need to be rewritten?

It seemed to me your interpretation of /dev/null will arise some
confusions for some users. Below are mine.

Mess #1

  I would avoid the same mimic (and naming). In UNIX-like operating
  systems, /dev/null is a special *file* and not a serial device.

  % stty -aF /dev/null
  stty: /dev/null: Inappropriate ioctl for device

As you can see /dev/null is not some terminal line (serial device).
Well, eCos != *nix, but, I would avoid the ability to configure the
/dev/null as a serial device under eCos.

Mess #2

  A read on /dev/null would not block process (thread), it does return
  EOF, and you offer in your documentation to enter an ability of the
  blocking read on /dev/null as an option.

Mess #3

  IMO, if anyone will see those words together in CDL (I mean 'serial'
  and 'null'), under eCos dev/serial/null, then he would think, Great!
  There is 'nullmodem' device in eCos! Come check my guess 

  And after reading your documentation, they will think, Nope! They
  provide something very special (special null device :-)


I do not want to break your idea. IMHO, the main mess here is naming and
your free interpretation of /dev/null. You try to implement some serial
device like a "tear off" nullmodem, but what is bad with a "nullmodem"
abstraction for your purposes? And eCos serial loop driver (as you could
see) is a half of nullmodem itself.

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