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[Bug 1001468] eCos GNU tools 4.6.2

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--- Comment #19 from Sergei Gavrikov <> 2012-02-21 20:36:45 GMT ---

This weekend I tested a bit new distributed binaries for arm-eabi and
also the built toolchains from sources for x86_64 and i686 Linux hosts.
An ARM7TDMI target was used for testing. All built eCos tests ran under
GDB (it was used a fresh build of RedBoot for that). I have chosen such
a template for testing

  cdl_configuration eCos {
      template    default ;
      package CYGPKG_IO_FILEIO current ;
      package CYGPKG_USTL current ;
      package CYGPKG_COMPRESS_ZLIB current ;
      package CYGPKG_CRC current ;
      package CYGPKG_FS_RAM current ;
      package CYGPKG_POSIX current ;

All three batch (run of 214 eCos tests) shown the same results:

  PASS:           1123
  FAIL:           0

NOTE: USTL bvt13, bvt17 tests were rejected from the batch run (they
expect an input), bvt05 was adopted to fit amount of RAM on the target.

Of course, it was not stress and complete testing, there was not NET
stuff in eCos configuration, but, at the least I found no issues on my
arm7tdmi target with new toolchains on Linux box.

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