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[Bug 1001508] Add freebsd CDL option to allow broadcast packets tobe sent to

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Jonathan Larmour <> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Jonathan Larmour <> 2012-03-03 04:12:25 GMT ---
There's nothing wrong with the patch in principle, but the description of the
CDL option, while accurate, could be clarified. In fact what you wrote in the
first and last paragraphs of comment #0 is quite clear. So how about something

            In line with other IP stack implementations, the BSD network stack
            has historically converted packets sent to the INADDR_BROADCAST
            destination addresses ( into a more specific
            directed broadcast address according to the address configuration
            the primary network interface. For example if your network
            is configured as and you send a UDP broadcast
            packet to, it will actually be sent with a
            destination IP address of Over time, this behavior
            has been criticized for various reasons.  The primary reason is
            it becomes impossible to send UDP packets to once
            primary network (broadcast) interface is configured with address
            information. For this reason, it is possible to disable this
            with this option so that packets will be sent explicitly to
            INADDR_BROADCAST when that destination address is specified."

Something along those lines would be fine by me anyway. If you're happy with
that, then go ahead and check it in with that text.

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