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[Bug 1001468] eCos GNU tools 4.6.3

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--- Comment #42 from Ilija Kocho <> 2012-03-30 16:00:55 BST ---
Hi JIfl

(In reply to comment #41)

Now I have enough Cortex-M4F architectural support to do some GDB testing. I
have applied the attachment (id=1648) and it seems to work with following

1. Remote 'g' packet reply is too long

If I connect to gdb server (RedBoot on Cortex-M4F) prior to submit the elf file
I get the error /Remote 'g' packet reply is too long/:

--- Capture -------
(gdb) target remote
Remote debugging using
Remote 'g' packet reply is too long:
--- Capture END -------

If I introduce a target file before connection, GDB get's prepared for this
packet and accepts connection.

--- Capture -------

(gdb) file fpinttest.elf 
Reading symbols from
(gdb) target remote
Remote debugging using
0x00005502 in ?? ()
(gdb) info all-registers 
r0             0x5501    21761
r1             0x10    16
r2             0x0    0
r3             0x10    16
r4             0x0    0
r5             0x0    0
r6             0x0    0
r7             0x0    0
r8             0x0    0
r9             0x0    0
r10            0x0    0
r11            0x0    0
r12            0x0    0
sp             0x77ffff30    0x77ffff30
lr             0x6dd5    28117
pc             0x5502    0x5502
xpsr           0x0    0
d0             3.3951943406806876e-313    (raw 0x0000001000005501)
d1             3.3951932655444357e-313    (raw 0x0000001000000000)
d2             0    (raw 0x0000000000000000)
d3             0    (raw 0x0000000000000000)
d4             0    (raw 0x0000000000000000)
d5             0    (raw 0x0000000000000000)
d6             1.0564842675187554e+270    (raw 0x77ffff3000000000)
d7             4.61788724168779e-310    (raw 0x0000550200006dd5)
d8             8.289046058458095e-317    (raw 0x0000000001000000)
d9             -nan(0xfbffd00006fd5)    (raw 0xffffbffd00006fd5)
d10            -0.99851799011207543    (raw 0xbfeff3dbfffff7ef)
d11            nan(0xffdf300006dc5)    (raw 0x7ffffdf300006dc5)
d12            -1.3797595269860335e+306    (raw 0xff7f6ffefd77e76f)
d13            -nan(0xfffffffffeafc)    (raw 0xffffffffffffeafc)
d14            -nan(0xeffef7ffff7eb)    (raw 0xfffeffef7ffff7eb)
d15            6.1945292423959159e+144    (raw 0x5dffbfbfffefffff)
fpscr          0x77fffe98    2013265560
s0             3.04936559e-41    (raw 0x00005501)
s1             2.24207754e-44    (raw 0x00000010)
s2             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s3             2.24207754e-44    (raw 0x00000010)
s4             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s5             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s6             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s7             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s8             0    (raw 0x00000000)
s9             0    (raw 0x00000000)
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
s10            0    (raw 0x00000000)
s11            0    (raw 0x00000000)
s12            0    (raw 0x00000000)
s13            1.0384465e+34    (raw 0x77ffff30)
s14            3.94003089e-41    (raw 0x00006dd5)
s15            3.04950572e-41    (raw 0x00005502)
s16            2.3509887e-38    (raw 0x01000000)
s17            0    (raw 0x00000000)
s18            4.01177737e-41    (raw 0x00006fd5)
s19            -nan(0x7fbffd)    (raw 0xffffbffd)
s20            -nan(0x7ff7ef)    (raw 0xfffff7ef)
s21            -1.87462938    (raw 0xbfeff3db)
s22            3.93778881e-41    (raw 0x00006dc5)
s23            nan(0x7ffdf3)    (raw 0x7ffffdf3)
s24            -2.05950617e+37    (raw 0xfd77e76f)
s25            -3.39534636e+38    (raw 0xff7f6ffe)
s26            -nan(0x7feafc)    (raw 0xffffeafc)
s27            -nan(0x7fffff)    (raw 0xffffffff)
s28            nan(0x7ff7eb)    (raw 0x7ffff7eb)
s29            -nan(0x7effef)    (raw 0xfffeffef)
s30            -nan(0x6fffff)    (raw 0xffefffff)
s31            2.30358228e+18    (raw 0x5dffbfbf)

--- Capture END -------

This is probably not a problem when using gdb from command line, but it is with

2. Potential eCos/RedBoot issues

Since register numbers are not consecutive there may be issue with some stub
eCos/Redboot functions: For instance stub_format_registers() requires
consecutive numbers.


P.S. I am going to open bug(s) on Cortex_M4F architectural support but for GDB
matters perhaps we continue in Bug 1001524.

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