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Your Issue Management System issue list needs attention.

[This e-mail has been automatically generated.]

You have one or more issues assigned to you in the Issue Management System issue tracking system ( that require

All of these issues are in the NEW or REOPENED state, and have not been
touched in 7 days or more.
You need to take a look at them, and decide on an initial action.

Generally, this means one of three things:

(1) You decide this issue is really quick to deal with (like, it's INVALID),
    and so you get rid of it immediately.
(2) You decide the issue doesn't belong to you, and you reassign it to
    someone else. (Hint: if you don't know who to reassign it to, make
    sure that the Component field seems reasonable, and then use the
    "Reset Assignee to default" option.)
(3) You decide the issue belongs to you, but you can't solve it this moment.
    Accept the issue by setting the status to ASSIGNED.

To get a list of all NEW/REOPENED issues, you can use this URL (bookmark
it if you like!):

Or, you can use the general query page, at

Appended below are the individual URLs to get to all of your NEW issues
that haven't been touched for 7 days or more.

You will get this message once a day until you've dealt with these issues!

 STM32 USB driver unplugging/replugging issue
 Navigation of the documentation using PREV NEXT PARENT arrows broken
 help documentation tree does not correspond to viewed document
 documentation tree in navigation panel does not open at viewed document
 CAN loopback driver requires CYGPKG_DEVS_CAN_LOOP_CAN[01]
 Allow nc_test_slave for lwIP to compile for targets with 128KiB RAM.
 Kinetis HAL and driver upgrade
 C99 snprintf() does not include terminated null in truncated strings
 Fix compiler warnings about mismatch between log() format string and argument values.
 Array index out of bounds in tftp_server.c
 Single precision floating point math library

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