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[Bug 1001550] New: STM32 F2 and STM3220G-EVAL / STM3240G-EVALcontribution from eCosCentric

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           Summary: STM32 F2 and STM3220G-EVAL / STM3240G-EVAL
                    contribution from eCosCentric
           Product: eCos
           Version: CVS
          Platform: Custom (Customer specific)
        OS/Version: Cortex-M
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: low
         Component: Patches and contributions
             Class: Advice Request

Created an attachment (id=1677)
 --> (
Cortex-M arch VSR init fix

eCosCentric are contributing variant and processor support for the STM32 F2 and
F4 Cortex-M processors and STM3220G-EVAL and STM3240G-EVAL board support.
Updated drivers are also included for serial, flash, and SPI.

There are many changes here, but we thought it was good for the community to
benefit from them, and so that our essential infrastructure (particularly the
many APIs provided by the STM32 variant HAL) is aligned with public eCos's.
Although these enhancements are way beyond just what would be needed for just
the basic infrastructure.

Documentation is not included, but is available to view online from
eCosCentric's website:
although some of that applies to eCosCentric only extensions and drivers.

The STM3210e port has had a number of updates applied too, to reflect changes
in the processor variant HAL, along with some minor improvements to bring it
more into line with eCosCentric's sources (although again, not everything of
eCosCentric's STM3210e improvements are included here).

I am committing this, but let me know in this bug about any issues in any of
the patches, and I'll deal with them.


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