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[Bug 1001524] Cortex-M: Remote 'g' packet reply is too long

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--- Comment #16 from Ilija Kocho <> 2012-04-04 20:45:39 BST ---
Hi Jifl

My stub-ware is not yet completed so I have enforced incremental (RAW not FP)
values in VFP "registers" in order to test GDB response. The output is pasted
below, and it seems your patch gives correct operation with VFP registers.


---- Test output -----

Sending packet: $g#67...Ack
Packet received:
Sending packet: $m559e,4#d5...Ack
Packet received: 70472de9
0x0000559e in ?? ()
Sending packet: $qSymbol::#5b...Ack
Packet received: 
Packet qSymbol (symbol-lookup) is NOT supported
Sending packet: $qTStatus#49...Ack
Packet received: 
(gdb) info all-registers 
r0             0x559d    21917
r1             0x10    16
r2             0x0    0
r3             0x10    16
r4             0x0    0
r5             0x0    0
r6             0x0    0
r7             0x0    0
r8             0x0    0
r9             0x0    0
r10            0x0    0
r11            0x0    0
r12            0x0    0
sp             0x77fffee8    0x77fffee8
lr             0x6db5    28085
pc             0x559e    0x559e
xpsr           0x21000000    553648128
d0             4.2439915824246103e-314    (raw 0x0000000200000001)
d1             8.4879831653432862e-314    (raw 0x0000000400000003)
d2             1.2731974748261962e-313    (raw 0x0000000600000005)
d3             1.6975966331180638e-313    (raw 0x0000000800000007)
d4             2.1219957914099314e-313    (raw 0x0000000a00000009)
d5             2.546394949701799e-313    (raw 0x0000000c0000000b)
d6             2.9707941079936666e-313    (raw 0x0000000e0000000d)
d7             3.3951932662855342e-313    (raw 0x000000100000000f)
d8             3.8195924245774018e-313    (raw 0x0000001200000011)
d9             4.2439915828692694e-313    (raw 0x0000001400000013)
d10            4.6683907411611369e-313    (raw 0x0000001600000015)
d11            5.0927898994530045e-313    (raw 0x0000001800000017)
d12            5.5171890577448721e-313    (raw 0x0000001a00000019)
d13            5.9415882160367397e-313    (raw 0x0000001c0000001b)
d14            6.3659873743286073e-313    (raw 0x0000001e0000001d)
d15            6.7903865326204749e-313    (raw 0x000000200000001f)
fpscr          0x21    33
---Type <return> to continue, or q <return> to quit---
s0             1.40129846e-45    (raw 0x00000001)
s1             2.80259693e-45    (raw 0x00000002)
s2             4.20389539e-45    (raw 0x00000003)
s3             5.60519386e-45    (raw 0x00000004)
s4             7.00649232e-45    (raw 0x00000005)
s5             8.40779079e-45    (raw 0x00000006)
s6             9.80908925e-45    (raw 0x00000007)
s7             1.12103877e-44    (raw 0x00000008)
s8             1.26116862e-44    (raw 0x00000009)
s9             1.40129846e-44    (raw 0x0000000a)
s10            1.54142831e-44    (raw 0x0000000b)
s11            1.68155816e-44    (raw 0x0000000c)
s12            1.821688e-44    (raw 0x0000000d)
s13            1.96181785e-44    (raw 0x0000000e)
s14            2.1019477e-44    (raw 0x0000000f)
s15            2.24207754e-44    (raw 0x00000010)
s16            2.38220739e-44    (raw 0x00000011)
s17            2.52233724e-44    (raw 0x00000012)
s18            2.66246708e-44    (raw 0x00000013)
s19            2.80259693e-44    (raw 0x00000014)
s20            2.94272678e-44    (raw 0x00000015)
s21            3.08285662e-44    (raw 0x00000016)
s22            3.22298647e-44    (raw 0x00000017)
s23            3.36311631e-44    (raw 0x00000018)
s24            3.50324616e-44    (raw 0x00000019)
s25            3.64337601e-44    (raw 0x0000001a)
s26            3.78350585e-44    (raw 0x0000001b)
s27            3.9236357e-44    (raw 0x0000001c)
s28            4.06376555e-44    (raw 0x0000001d)
s29            4.20389539e-44    (raw 0x0000001e)
s30            4.34402524e-44    (raw 0x0000001f)
s31            4.48415509e-44    (raw 0x00000020)

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