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[Bug 1001614] eCos GDB stub "detach" reply incompatible with GDB7.4.1

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Jonathan Larmour <> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Jonathan Larmour <> 2012-06-25 13:28:42 BST ---
The patch isn't right. GDB is correct - the remote side doesn't know how to
detach, hence the "null" packet rather than OK.

In all versions of GDB to date, GDB will stop talking to the target (closing
tcp socket if needed) anyway. I assume that is still the case in 7.4.1? e.g. if
you try and quit gdb, it won't complain it is still attached to the target. For
that reason at present we treat detach the same as 'kill', which this patch
wouldn't change. We treat it as 'kill' because it's arguably better to
potentially return to redboot (if applicable) than just get stuck forever in
the stub until a manual reset.

We could make a few changes to support detach properly with I think a bit of
extra code and a little global data, but is this an important enough feature to
add if no-one actually uses it the way it's intended? Presumably you don't
actually need the correct behaviour since this patch would continue to make it
identical to 'kill', as all this patch does is silence the message.


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