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[Bug 1001623] [RFC] eCos FLASH startup from RedBoot

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--- Comment #2 from Ilija Kocho <> 2012-07-17 19:36:52 BST ---
Hello Nicolas

(In reply to comment #1)
> Hello Ilija,
> We also worked on it and add a new startup type too. However, we also had to
> add the new startup into hal_misc.c and twr_k60n512_misc.c files for it to
> work.

Changes to platform files usually are not a big issue, but every touch of
architecture files may impact other variants/platforms and would be good if we
can avoid. As a consequence it may require overview of more people which can
take more time.
I wanted to try it with least impact on architecture level. It seems that by
defining/combining CYG_HAL_STARTUP_ROM and CYG_HAL_STARTUP_RAM we get what we
need without touching architecture files. I tried it worked but I had little
time for testing because I went on vacation. We should check for possible
caveats caused by defining CYG_HAL_STARTUP_ROM and CYG_HAL_STARTUP_RAM, both
startup types in their own right.

> With this, we can load an eCos application with telnet and launch it. I could
> post a patch if you want.

It would be good if you post, thanks.


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