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[Bug 1001632] Patch for making it easy to diff ecos configurations

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--- Comment #4 from John Dallaway <> 2012-08-01 20:40:24 BST ---
Hi Martin

Thank you for your contribution. I like the idea of a dump command that emits 1
line per CDL item for use with diff and other tools.

I think the format of each line could be improved because:

a) The active/inactive state of a CDL item is distinct from its value and it
seems good to reinforce that distinction in the line format.

b) It can be important to know when the value _source_ (default/inferred/user)
has changed, even if the value has not changed.

My suggested line format, by example, is as follows:

component CYGPKG_MY_COMPONENT active bool default 1
option CYGSEM_MY_OPTION inactive
option CYGOPT_BOOL_OPTION active bool user 0
option CYGOPT_BOOLDATA_OPTION active booldata user 1 "data part"
component CYGPKG_DATA_OPTION active data inferred "abc def ghi"

Note that each line is a space-separated list where the Nth item of the list
has a fixed meaning. The 3rd item is always the active/inactive state, the 5th
item (where present) is always the value source, etc. Note, also, that values
containing spaces are surrounded by double quotes.

In this way we can import the dump into a spreadsheet, or pipe it through "cut"
to extract only those parameters of interest, or "sort" on the CDL macro name,

Do you have any interest in modifying your patch along these lines? Any other

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