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[Bug 1001368] Availability of port.

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--- Comment #1 from Bernd Edlinger <> 2012-08-10 12:32:54 BST ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Any chance I can get hold of the port to the Atmel AT91SAM9G20 board, I thought
> there was some discussion before summer about this and I see it is mentioned in
> the news. However I don't see it in the latest CVS download, I finally got my
> front end GPS chip working the way I need it to and I was planning to use the
> AT91SAM9g20 as the processor for an open source all digital gps receiver I am
> building. I can contribute the code for the SSC driver and anything else new I
> build, I also wrote an SPI driver for the Samsung S3C2440A which I am happy to
> contribute.
> cheers
> Mark

Hi Mark,

actually I worked on that.
you may want to try it?

that is what I posted a fiew days ago:

I'd like to announce a port of eCos 3.0 for several ARM Processors that Softing
has developed.

The key features of this version are as follows:

- support for AT91SAM9G45-EK
- support for AT91SAM9G20-EK
- support for AT91SAM9260-EK
- RedBoot (as second level boot loader together with the Atmel Sam-BA boot
- ARM AT91 MMU: added Access Protection against NULL-Pointer accesses
- ARM AT91 MMU: added Code Protection against self-modifying code
- ARM AT91 Code- and Data-Cache: added support
- ARM AT91 I2C: added support
- ARM AT91 Serial: support for more than 4 UARTs
- ARM AT91 ENET: support for multicasts
- ARM AT91 ENET: PHY-Polling or Interrupt-driven detection of Link changes
- ETH_PHY: added support for DP83640 PHY
- ETH_PHY: support for enabling PHY Interrupts
- ETH_PHY: support for Interrupt-driven SMI communication
- Raw Ethernet using AF_PACKET sockets
- recursive Posix- and Kernel-Mutexes
- access functions for request method and header values in httpd
- added fcntl-codes F_GETFL and F_SETFL
- performance improvements in dlmalloc
- Many bugfixes and enhancements in all areas

At the moment the complete source code can be downloaded from our FTP server:

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