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[Bug 1000761] eCos support for MPC5xxx MCUs

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--- Comment #56 from Ilija Kocho <> 2012-08-13 22:11:37 BST ---
(In reply to comment #55)
> Hi Ilija,
> my focus on the recent contribution was the actual HAL layer, not the /dev
> contributions. I wanted to make sure, that we finally start to get the HAL
> integrates, I was assuming, that it will be easier to swap some of the drivers.
> But here some additional comments on the drivers:
> - FLEXCAN - Karl is now owning this driver (he was the one that sent you the
> package) and he is currently on vacation. Once he is back, he can look at your
> code.

It is actually still the the same old Freescale code. I merely renamed
references to MPC5xxx into FREESCALE_FLEXCAN/freescale_flexcan.

> - ESCI - We are already using the generic ECSI code from the repository. We
> dropped our earlier separate code

Now I can see it in ecos.db, I was following the Attachment #1869 which still
seem to contain the old driver.

> - Etherent - we do have some special code in the driver for errata workaround
> for some older devices (e.g. MPC5553) and also code for cache management. Since
> we have done so much work around networking based on that driver, we did not
> want to swap that one

The workarounds can be easily implemented to the generic driver, if this errata
is still in production. The generic code can contain a macro wit the "straight"
code which can be overridden in var_io.h or var_io_devs.h.

> - DSPI - Karl had written a DSPI driver. Once he gets back from vacation and
> has some time I would like him to look at the one in the repository and
> investigate, whether we can move to that one. Quite frankly many of our demo
> projects using eCOS do some really strange things with the DSPI (e.g. implement
> serial audio interfaces or MOST MediaLB, ...) therefore I personally have never
> used the generic driver, but put my own code into the packages for that
> purpose.

Yes sometimes you need some more efficient. But standard driver opens
opportunity for some standard devices: MMC card, SPI Flash memory, even


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