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[Bug 1001368] Availability of port.

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--- Comment #3 from Bernd Edlinger <> 2012-08-14 12:27:11 BST ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> Hi Bernd,
> Any chance you can send me your ecc setup file, I do not get any output from
> redboot, which is the same problem I had before. Probably a wrong setting
> somewhere but there are so many on ECOS. 
> cheers
> Mark

OK, redboot is a bit difficult.

First you should disable the DATA and Code Caches
because the RedBoot does not enable the MMU.

Then disable SPI/I2C drivers, as they are not needed at this time.
A speciality of the SPI driver is, that only SPI0 CS0 is available
and some of CS1..3 use pins that are already used for DDR RAM.
So either disable SPI0 completely or say NONE for CS1..3.

Then make sure your Image is not larger than 192K.

I suppose you want to program that with Sam-BA.

There are precompiled Boot Loaders from Atmel these can be used.

Program the boot-at91sam9XXX-ek-nandflash2sdram to NAND Flash offset 0
Program the redboot.bin to NAND Flash offset 0x20000

power cycle. done.

hope this helps

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