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[Bug 1000761] eCos support for MPC5xxx MCUs

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--- Comment #59 from Ilija Kocho <> 2012-09-30 20:17:37 BST ---
(In reply to comment #57)

Hi Stefan.

> Hi Ilija,
> I have looked into your FlexCAN package and now I am confused about one thing:
> In our original CDL file we looked at some of the definitions in the CDL file
> of the HAL to determine, whether a certain device / platform actually has that
> specific instance implemented. This was done by:
>    active_if CYGNUM_HAL_DEV_LIST_CAN[set ::canletter]
> in the CAN.cdl
> now you modified this to:
>    active_if CYGINT_DEVS_CAN_FREESCALE_FLEXCAN[set ::canletter]
> My question is now about naming conventions. I assume, I can only set those in
> the CDL files and I thought, that the HAL should use names like
> CYGNUM_HAL_DEV_... to advertize its HW capabilities - is that not correct ?

Regarding your CYGNUM_HAL_DEV_LIST... code, I haven't tried it but it looks
correct to me...

But, it's not just the naming. CYGINT_DEVS_CAN_FREESCALE_FLEXCAN[set
::canletter] introduces [CAN] cyg_interface(s) that platforms [can] implement.
Generally, renaming of objects was a major part of my job during the conversion
of the driver into generic, but in this case I took more liberty. I apologize
if I have been too intrusive, but I think that interfaces are more intuitive.
The usage is straightforward: Platforms implement certain device interface(s).
Interfaces are widely used for implementing device instances through eCos code
and I would recommend them also for other devices: serial channels, etc.

Btw, In newer Freescale documents the enumeration is numeric rather than
alphabetic. My experience is with Kinetis, but I think it is also applied to
MPC/Qorivva. I don't insist but would ask you to consider, as it will simplify
CDL code.


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