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[Bug 1000761] eCos support for MPC5xxx MCUs

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--- Comment #63 from Stefan Singer <> 2012-10-29 09:50:36 GMT ---
Hi Bernd,
you are right, I use eCos and the pre-build Config Tool under Cygwin and the
VLE enabled GCC is built under MinGW. That forces the problem,that we need to
remove drive letters to make the Cygwin-make understand the dependencies.

I am definitely not an expert on the SED scripting and would be really
gratefull, if someone has suggestions for a better script. As you assumed,
currently we only remove C: and if the tools are installed under a different
drive letter, this script will not support this. 
However the current modifications work for installation under C: and C:\cygwin,
which is the locations, where probably most people have installed them. Without
changes to the default scripts, our setup will not work at all. 
Can you help me in improving the script ?

Thanks Stefan

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