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[Bug 1001732] fs-ecos bug/assertion

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--- Comment #4 from Bernd Edlinger <> 2013-01-26 18:15:32 GMT ---
Hi Praveen,

somehow on my fs-ecos.c the line numbers are different than on yours.

But when I interpret it right what happens here, this might have happened:

The file system traverses a directory entry, and the metadata on the
flash are changed which points to an uninitialized inode.
When the invalid data are hit, the BUG is raised. Probably that should
have happened earlier...

IF your flash changes its contents when the file system is mounted,
the file system may fail. Especially if a flash is removed and
another flash inserted, you should unmount the file system when the
flash is removed, and re-mount the file system again, when the flash
is inserted again.

Once the file system has validated the flash content, the flash
should never be changed without the file system knowing that.


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