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[Issue Management System] eCos bugs/patches left UNASSIGNED for 2months

Title: [Issue Management System] eCos bugs/patches left UNASSIGNED for 2 months
This is an automated mail to make people aware that the following issues have still not been assigned to anyone (owned by 'unassigned') over 2 months since they were created!

Please can people volunteer to look at them ASAP.


This search was scheduled by

Unassigned for >= 2 months

ID Sev Pri Plt Assignee Status Resolution Summary
20804 normal low All ASSIGNED --- Misbehavior of printf %e format.
1000986 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- New HAL for freescale MPC8572DS
1001027 normal normal Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Checking whether the client is connected to the Server usin netconn lwIP
1001031 normal normal Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- fis_write function in redboot not writng into flash properly - help needed
1001069 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- SST 39VFxxx bad command code for erasing block
1001084 normal normal stm32e_eval (ST STM3210E EVAL board) NEW --- STM32 USB driver unplugging/replugging issue
1001096 critical high Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Dual Init of SPI on at91sam7x-based system
1001107 enhancement low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Support for the STMicroelectronics STR912FAW44 processor (ARM966E-S) and the Propox MMstr912 board
1001110 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- cyg_flag_poll and cyg_flag_wait clears all flags
1001119 normal low at91sam7sek_256 (AT91SAM7S-EK board with AT91SAM7S256) UNCONFIRMED --- at91_spi.c says "fix me", and need a flag to be cleared before transfer()
1001120 normal normal at91sam7sek_256 (AT91SAM7S-EK board with AT91SAM7S256) UNCONFIRMED --- at91sam's PIT can hang vorever if
1001129 enhancement low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- New HAL package for the AT91RM9200
1001133 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- STM32 SPI APB1 and APB2 bus clock frequency issue
1001139 major normal linux (Linux synthetic target) UNCONFIRMED --- 'make tests' fails for linux synthetic target
1001146 normal low All NEW --- Navigation of the documentation using PREV NEXT PARENT arrows broken
1001148 normal low All NEW --- help documentation tree does not correspond to viewed document
1001149 normal low All NEW --- documentation tree in navigation panel does not open at viewed document
1001151 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- fisdir_size when combined FIS and config
1001161 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- hal_interrupt_mask() interrupt lost
1001168 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- ftell returns incorrect position on files opened for append
1001175 normal low All NEEDINFO --- Not detecting repository
1001176 critical high Other (please specify) NEEDINFO --- Repository Error
1001179 enhancement high Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- ecos with network support for MINI2440 QEMU
1001193 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- abnormal behavior readdir on fat16
1001207 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- HAL_BREAKINST_TYPE is missing for building redboot
1001208 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Redboot changes to support Embedded Flash with variable block sizes
1001211 minor normal All NEW --- CAN loopback driver requires CYGPKG_DEVS_CAN_LOOP_CAN[01]
1001235 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- National Semiconductor DP83848 PHY
1001237 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- Missing CDL dependency on VNC server test application
1001238 critical low at91sam7xek_512 (AT91SAM7X-EK board with AT91SAM7X512) UNCONFIRMED --- Thumb mode return from ISR causes undefined behaviour
1001243 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- Fix trace function reporting of rewinddir()
1001252 critical low linux (Linux synthetic target) UNCONFIRMED --- Problem building "Linux Synthetic" target on Linux (Ubuntu)
1001268 enhancement low stm32e_eval (ST STM3210E EVAL board) UNCONFIRMED --- I2C driver for STM32 Cortex M3
1001300 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- problÃme de commutation des taches
1001349 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- Usage of block locking in the flash library
1001351 normal low stm32e_eval (ST STM3210E EVAL board) NEEDINFO --- Non-dummy stm32_get_config() and stm32_set_config() for stm32 spi driver
1001357 normal low Custom (Customer specific) UNCONFIRMED --- Cortexm Bus fault
1001359 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- Incorrect include path in SNMP util_funcs.h and config.h
1001368 major normal sam9g20ek (Atmel AT91SAM9G20-EK board) UNCONFIRMED --- Availability of port.
1001369 critical low linux (Linux synthetic target) UNCONFIRMED --- target.ld:33 cannot move location counter backwards
1001375 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Duplicate md5 code
1001389 minor low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Porting eCos to new hardware
1001397 enhancement low All NEEDINFO --- I2C driver for Kinetic microcontrollers
1001407 enhancement low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- lpc17xx_misc.h does not define CYNUM_HAL_LPC17XX_PCLK_SSP0
1001410 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- mkdir() fails if pathname has a trailing "/"
1001417 major high Custom (Customer specific) UNCONFIRMED --- stm32f2xx VAR layer, stm3221g-eval HAL layer and Framebuffer component
1001419 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Driver for Freescale MMA7660 accelerometer
1001424 normal low Custom (Customer specific) UNCONFIRMED --- Compilation problem when using native/embedded gcc on linux (Ubuntu)
1001428 enhancement low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Hal bits for Kinetis K40 SLCD controller
1001434 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx_baudrates.h has some erroneous bit timing entries
1001437 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- ADC HW drivers have race condition in cyg_io_set_config(CYG_IO_SET_CONFIG_ADC_[EN|DIS]ABLE)
1001438 minor low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx.c: CYG_IO_GET_CONFIG_CAN_HDI returns incorrect support_flags value
1001439 minor low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx.c: CYGOPT_DEVS_CAN_CAN_LPC2XXX_LUT_ERR_SUPP problems
1001440 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx.c: driver confuses 'bus error' and 'bus off' conditions
1001442 enhancement low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- LPC17XX bit band macro proposal
1001444 major high sam9261ek (Atmel AT91SAM9261-EK board) UNCONFIRMED --- Can't share virtual vector between ROM monitor and application which run in flash
1001446 minor low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx.cdl: does not implement CYGINT_IO_CAN_TX_EVENTS
1001447 major low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- can_lpc2xxx.c: race condition (Tx events may be missed), DSR efficiency
1001452 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- Select doesn't work correctly when Cyg_FlagValue > 32 bit
1001455 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Watchdog: no documentation, no C API for install/uninstall_action
1001457 enhancement low pc (i386 PC target) UNCONFIRMED --- Add pc_rhine target and i386 rhine package
1001461 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Spansion S25FLxxxK (SPI NOR FLASH) driver
1001463 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- LPC17XX supplementary code/option patch
1001466 enhancement low All NEEDINFO --- /dev/null serial driver
1001467 minor normal All UNCONFIRMED --- Issue with string.cdl CYGFUN_LIBC_STRING_BSD_FUNCS description
1001468 enhancement low All NEW --- eCos GNU tools 4.6.3
1001474 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- io/serial/common/serial.c: overrun condition returns uninitialized .stat item
1001477 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- TERMIOS does not completely respect OPOST
1001480 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- Generic 16x5x driver: inverted chronology in pc_serial_start_xmit(): superfluous ISR/DSR run
1001483 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- Generic 16x5x driver has incorrect error processing
1001490 enhancement low All NEW --- C99 snprintf() does not include terminated null in truncated strings
1001491 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- jffs2_iput() called with NULL inode unlinking garbage file path
1001510 enhancement low All REOPENED --- Fix compiler warnings about mismatch between log() format string and argument values.
1001522 minor low All NEW --- Array index out of bounds in tftp_server.c
1001523 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- RedBoot TCP socket stays in TIME_WAIT state forever
1001524 enhancement normal All NEW --- Cortex-M: Remote 'g' packet reply is too long
1001539 enhancement low All NEW --- Single precision floating point math library
1001568 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- fis load reads incorrect data if bad blocks are present
1001586 enhancement low All NEW --- BSD nc_test_slave chrashes
1001587 major high All NEEDINFO --- eCos Config tool Ver 3.0 with vertical scroll bug
1001588 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- NULL pointer access in lwIP SNMP agent
1001603 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- LPC2XXX/17XX HW RTC driver can report wrong time/date data
1001605 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- much faster and simpler(!) replacement for _simple_mktime() (in wallclock.inl)
1001623 enhancement low Other (please specify) NEW --- [RFC] eCos FLASH startup from RedBoot
1001628 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- %g printf format prints more digits than expected
1001629 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- bsd stack uses wrong timeout values if hz != 100
1001633 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- DHCP Client may hang
1001634 enhancement normal All UNCONFIRMED --- A code review of dlmalloc.cxx revealed several weaknesses
1001635 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- wrong results from Cyg_StdioStream::read
1001637 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- fcntl() fails to handle F_GETFL, F_SETFL
1001639 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- Problems with i2c.cxx
1001641 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Erase function in flashiodev.c and flashiodevlegacy.c handle "err_address" differently
1001643 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- better solution for strict aliasing in libm
1001645 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- Recursive Posix Mutexes
1001648 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- flash_init() behaves differently if CYGHWR_IO_FLASH_DEVICE==1
1001649 enhancement high All UNCONFIRMED --- AT91 hal extension
1001653 minor low All UNCONFIRMED --- GCC 4.6.3 warning in am29xxxxx_aux.c
1001654 normal normal All UNCONFIRMED --- diag_printf truncates the values in %llu and %llx formats
1001655 critical high All UNCONFIRMED --- eth_drv_send stack_corruption with CYGFUN_LWIP_MODE_SIMPLE
1001656 enhancement high All UNCONFIRMED --- FreeBSD: add AF_PACKET socket familiy
1001657 enhancement normal All UNCONFIRMED --- httpd server should parse request header lines
1001658 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- HAL_DCACHE_FLUSH macro for mpc8xx broken
1001662 normal low stm3240g_eval (ST STM3240G-EVAL board) UNCONFIRMED --- CYGNUM_HAL_EXCEPTION_MIN for cortexm arch seems incorrect
1001665 normal low stm32e_eval (ST STM3210E EVAL board) UNCONFIRMED --- Typo in hal_stm32_dma_isr return value
1001668 minor low Custom (Customer specific) UNCONFIRMED --- Fix: phy_read() function returns bad values if interrupt occurs
1001670 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- Missing compile directives in CDL files
1001673 enhancement low All UNCONFIRMED --- extra information for exception dump
1001676 enhancement low All NEEDINFO --- SPI cyg_spi_transaction_tick: Discrepancy between documentation and
1001679 normal low All UNCONFIRMED --- Cyg_Counter::add_alarm() can trash list w/ immediate triggers
1001683 normal low Other (please specify) UNCONFIRMED --- Cortex-M3: Startup Code does not initialize last of available interrupts vectors
1001688 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- PPP auth.c doesn't compile/link
1001689 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- PPP Idle Timeout not reset automatically
1001690 major low All UNCONFIRMED --- PPP can only route to subnet if using a null modem
1001696 critical low All UNCONFIRMED --- cyg_ppp_up and cyg_wait_up sometimes never return
1001697 major high stm32e_eval (ST STM3210E EVAL board) UNCONFIRMED --- Changing stm32 wallclock RTC clock source does not work
1001704 critical low All UNCONFIRMED --- when FreeBSD PPP stack gets PAP Authentication timeout, it locks up

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