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[Issue 1001783] New: Kinetis variant HAL patch: mostly cosmetic anddescriptive improvements

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          Issue ID: 1001783
           Summary: Kinetis variant HAL patch: mostly cosmetic and
                    descriptive improvements
           Product: eCos
           Version: unknown
            Target: Other (please specify)
  Architecture/Host Cortex-M
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: normal
         Component: Patches and contributions
        QA Contact:
             Flags: Patch_or_Contribution+

Created attachment 2108
Kinetis variant CDL costmetic cleanup patch

A colleague has been working on the Kinetis HAL to just do some tidies and
little improvements (I said I'd do it in bug 1001607 but he's doing it instead
now). Due to the eccentricities of eCosCentric's FSF assignment, I have to post
it here, not him, so here it is attached.

The description:

Author: James G. Smith <>
Date:   Wed Feb 20 12:40:09 GMT 2013

    Cosmetic changes:
    - Primarily this patch is a fix-up of the english language descriptions
      in CDL.

    Functional changes:
    - The clocking CDL is updated to remove "requires" checking for RTC
      against the OSC1 setting, since the option not applicable.

    - Use CYGBLD_FORCE_INLINE for header-defined inline functions.

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