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[Bug 1001802] New: serial high water mark (serial.c)

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            Bug ID: 1001802
           Summary: serial high water mark (serial.c)
           Product: eCos
           Version: unknown
            Target: nios2_stratix2_2s60_rohs_tseplus (Stratix II, TSE+
  Architecture/Host Nios II
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: low
         Component: Serial

We have Rs232 port on our board to print debug messages, stderr. We can also
type commands from terminal (putty, hyper-term, minicom etc) for diagnostics
and debugging. Every character typed is echoed back. But for some reason if I
do an extensive cycling of command say "switch mode", after 1000 cycles
(basically typing "switch mode" for 1000 times at some interval) the text gets
truncated and instead of "switch mode" I see "switch mo" and after approx 1 min
of this happening I high hit serial high water mark in serial_rcv_char() in

The condition ( cbuf->nb >= cbuf->high_water ) is true. So far, from debugging,
it seems if number of bytes exceed 84 this condition becomes true.

I am using eCosPro 2.0.69 release. Any help is appreciated.

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