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[Bug 1001268] I2C driver for STM32 Cortex M3

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--- Comment #5 from Mike Jones <> ---
Created attachment 2151
Update STM32 I2C Support

I tried to contact Martin to see if he had updated code he was willing to
contribute, etc, but so far no reply. I am posting a patch. The patch contains:

- Updated init function and base defines so that the I2C support works on a
STM3240G-EVAL and should work for other STM32F4XX devices.
- Attempted to preserve STM32F1XX support but have no means to test
- Added support for SMBus timeout
- Fixed fast mode clock calculation
- Tested with PMBus/SMBus application consisting of three devices
- Tested with polling and interrupt driven modes
- Added loopback test for others to use

Some areas that may warrant change.

- The alternate pin assignments are set to the other two pins, but this is not
flexible in that it will not adapt to a custom design. It could be improved to
enter arbitrary pins in the CDL.
- The second I2C is not set to any particular pins of importance and could use
the same flexibility.
- The ACK portion of the I2C API is not active in the code. This prevents
lockups. If there is ever a reason to allow control it could be added, but it
needs some thought as to how to prevent lockup.
- The clock speed is ignored if changed in the instantiation of the i2c struct.
A code override may be added in the future if desired.

There is an inconsistency with the Kinetis driver. Kinetis I2C takes a period
in the CDL. I think this should be changed to frequency and will change it when
other work by Ilija completes.

On the eval board this code was reliable in with a real application. Overtime
it will get more use and I will fix anything I find. I would not hesitate to
use the patch if you need I2C on this platform. However, if anyone has a board
with STM32F1XX it would help to test this patch to ensure that version still
works. The difference between F1 and F4 is in the GPIO configuration registers.
I made almost no changes to the core code, so if it does not work, it is almost
certain to be in the init code.

I believe Martin has an assignment. I have one. So we should be able to get
this into the codebase.

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