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[Bug 1001814] Kinetis clock gating

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--- Comment #3 from Mike Jones <> ---

I think the problem was you incorporated part of my GPIO patch and I patched
against my changes rather than a fresh tree. So with some hand editing I fixed
it. I can run my applications tomorrow to make sure nothing breaks and perhaps
play with the added API a little to turn off what I am not using.

I noticed the datasheet says in section 5.6 the peripheral should be disabled
before stopping their clock. I did not look, but is there API similar to these

+__externC void hal_clock_enable( cyg_uint32 clkcd );
+__externC void hal_clock_disable( cyg_uint32 clkcd );

for disabling peripherals? If not, I wonder if the clock API should handle that
at the same time. I assume that stopping a clock and then enabling it again
with the peripheral enabled might lead to unpredictable behavior. Perhaps
disable clock should disable the peripheral. I am not sure I would want it to
enable it, in case some setup was required before starting the clock.


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