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[Bug 1001764] Enhancement of MMC/SD over SPI driver

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--- Comment #14 from Mike Jones <> ---
I took several micro cards and plugged them into the larger carrier and tested
on the K60 Tower, leaving the code to use response[3].

The SanDisk Ultra 8GB micro SDHC 1 does not respond to the init command 40 00
00 00 00 95.

The Samsung 4GB micro SDHC discussed earlier and having problems does not
respond to init command 40 00 00 00 00 95.

The SanDisk 2GB micro SD responds to the init command... and fails in this

    if ( 1 == disk->sd_csd_version) {
      // There is information available about the file format, e.g.
      // partitioned vs. simple FAT. With the current version of the
      // generic disk code this needs to be known statically, via
      // the mbr field of the disk channel structure. If the card
      // is inappropriately formatted, reject the mount request.
      if ((0 != MMC_CSD_REGISTER_FILE_FORMAT_GROUP(&csd)) ||
          (0 != MMC_CSD_REGISTER_FILE_FORMAT(&csd))) {
          return -ENOTDIR;
    } // Acco

Just like the SD 2GB mentioned in the last comment. Next steps will be to move
to my custom board with micro connector and test.

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