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[Bug 1001764] Enhancement of MMC/SD over SPI driver

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--- Comment #15 from Mike Jones <> ---
On the hardware with micro SD, the return from 48 00 00 01 AA 87 on my 2GB
micro SD card puts the 01 in response[2] and the AA in response[3] which means
the original code works with my custom board..

So now differences. The Tower K60 is Rev 1 silicon and the custom board is Rev
2 silicon. The revisions in my CDL are correct.

The Tower is using a fx patched packages, and the custom is not, so I
differenced the trees and found no MMC/SD or SPI related differences.

So at this point the differences are silicon and board. The failing board is
the Tower K60 large SD card socket with old silicon, and the working board is a
custom K60 board with micro SD card socket.

I now move to the original problem Samsung card.

In this code:

  if (MMC_REPLY_ILLEGAL_COMMAND & reply) { // V1 cards do not understand CMD8
    disk->sd_version = 1;
    disk->sd_capacity = STANDARD_CAPACITY;
    return ENOERR;

It enters as a V1 card. I don't have the Beagle attached yet. But this is the
difference from the working cards.

It then fails to enter the idle state.

I'll get the Beagle on it later.

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