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[Bug 1001397] I2C driver for Kinetis microcontrollers

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--- Comment #53 from Mike Jones <> ---

I have been thinking about aggressive vs. conservative clock calculation, and
the SMB support for ALERTB.

I think in the short run it probably makes sense to release with conservative
clocking and no SMB support. Get the STM32 I2C and the Kinetis I2C at the same
level of stability. This will allow application writers to cover 80% of their

We can then add SMB support and incremental improvements later, perhaps
releasing STM32 and Kinetis at the same time. This will give us some room to
experiment with SMB support and give me time to develop testing support and
example code. I may want to add SMB API at the same time, which is a higher
level API wrapped around the I2C API. I already have code for this, but I have
to get permission to contribute it and there has to be a strategy of how to
integrate it.

So on this thinking, you could release this as is without the aggressive
clocking, minus the SMB CDL settings. Just leave the basic SMB register support
in the code so it can be experimented with.


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