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[Bug 1001839] Fix for wrong setup of flash memory parts for different Olimex LPC-2294 boards

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--- Comment #1 from Sergei Gavrikov <> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> Created attachment 2228 [details]
> Patch for Olimex LPC-2294 boards that fixes flash configuration
> In the current flash driver for Olimex LPC-2294 boards, the wrong flash
> memory type was selected for certain boards (i.e. for Olimex LPC-E2294-1MB).

Uwe, this driver does describe *the first H/W revision* of Olimex LPC-E2294
board. That development board (green silk. PCB) had TE28F320C3BD70 FLASH and
CL8900A LAN controller (I got a mail with that PCB in 2005 :-)

> The Olimex boards can have two flash configurations:
> or
> Only two boards (LPC-L2294-8MB and LPC-H2294) have the 4MB Intel 28F320C3
> parts. This was wrong in the old implementation (I stumbeld across this
> issue wehn building Redboot for LPC-E2294-1MB). The attached patch fixes
> this issue and adds a table in the documentation, that shows the
> configurations more clearly.

Your workaround makes that old olpce2294 target be "new" one (Olimex
LPC-E2294-1MB Rev. B). Unfortunately, H/W Revision "B" has and different LAN
controller (DM9000E) not only FLASH parts. So, FLASH I/O and networking won't
be work on old LPC-E2294 board (olpce2294 BSP in eCos AnonCVS). By other hand,
Olimex does not sell that old H/W anymore, perhaps, we have to add some CYGHWR*
definition in-side olpce2294 hal for Revision "B" boards, e.g.
CYGHWR_BOARD_OLPCE2294RB and check this definition in the flash/eth drivers.

By a chance, in 2009 I had re-worked HAL for some Olimex LPC-X2294 boards and
made olpcx22xx package: Unfortunately,
that package is not consistent with existing CVS code (thought it can replace
it) at least, there is a basic support and for Olimex LPC-E2294 Rev. B board

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