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[Bug 1001840] New: uITRON documentation needs a correction.: a URL is obsolete.

Please do not reply to this email, use the link below.

            Bug ID: 1001840
           Summary: uITRON documentation needs a correction.: a URL is
           Product: eCos
           Version: unknown
            Target: All
  Architecture/Host Other
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: low
         Component: uItron

Documentation Correction Needed.

In the following page of the documentation of eCos,

after the second paragraph, there is a URL listed to obtain the ASCII version
of micro-ITRON (uITRON) specification.

This URL is no longer valid. Today, the above exists, but the domain name seems
to be now used by someone else to promote household goods (something about diet

The PDF version of the uITRON (u for micro) specification is available
currently from the following URL.

(Please go down about slightly below the middle. There is a link to the English
pdf of the manual.)

Some background info.

The domain is held by NPO (Not-For-Profit) T-Engine Forum, which
merges the operation of the former TRON Association, which had promoted ITRON
and other activities of TRON Project, in January of 2010.

T-Engine Forum now promotes T-Kernel RTOS kernel, the successor to
ITRON specification RTOS, and other software and specifiations aside from
publishing the legacy and still lively used specifications such as uITRON

Thank you in advance.

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