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[Bug 1001843] virus closed port 9000

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Jonathan Larmour <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
          Component|ecosconfig                  |RedBoot

--- Comment #1 from Jonathan Larmour <> ---
To be clear, are you saying your router had been running RedBoot, and you used
to be able to connect to it, but now you cannot? Are you sure the problem is on
the router, and not your PC?

The default port number in RedBoot is built in. If you rebuild redboot, and
reprogram it on your router, it should go back to 9000. The port number is also
stored in flash, but the only program that can access that is RedBoot itself.
An alternative might be to load a RAM resident version of RedBoot (built for
RAM startup type in its configuration) and use that to change the port number
in flash.

But this is all assuming you are using unmodified sources of RedBoot. If you
are using a source tree from somewhere else, which is likely, then you will
need to contact whoever you got those sources from.

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