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[Bug 1001858] CAN driver return code patch

Please do not reply to this email, use the link below.

--- Comment #2 from Sergei Gavrikov <> ---
(In reply to comment #0)
> The function shall return -ENOSPC to indicate that there are no filters
> available. At the moment the only implementation that uses these keys
> (LPC2xxx CAN driver) returns -EPERM. But -EPERM is also returned if it is
> not possible to configure filters because message filterings is deactivated
> (CYGNUM_CAN_MSGBUF_RX_FILTER_ALL). So with the new return code it is
> possible for the application to identify the exact reason why message filter
> configuration failed.

I share your view. Thanks for the patch.

FYI: there were 2 jade errors on VARNAME usage:

... document type does not allow element "VARNAME" here; missing one of

So, I put your doc-strings in separate PARA blocks (see attachment #2249).

If no one has any objections I plan to commit the changes.

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