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[Bug 1001539] Single precision floating point math library

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--- Comment #26 from Ilija Kocho <> ---
John, thank you for the testing and comment. In meantime I have been working on
this bug and I am going to post patch(es) later today.

(In reply to comment #25)
> Ilija, I have tested the current patches on the "psim" target (big-endian).
> In the default configuration (CYGNUM_LIBM_COMPATIBILITY), I see 5 libm test
> failures (out of tolerance):  frexpf, asinf, logf, acosf, log10f
> In IEEE-only configuration (CYGSEM_LIBM_COMPAT_IEEE_ONLY), I get a build
> error (EDOM undeclared). If I fix the build error by including <errno.h>
> unconditionally from vector_support_float.h 

To be honest I don't know the implications for including errno.h on this
condition. This header is a copy of vector_support.h adapted for SP floats.
Note: An explanation is appreciated.

For the time being, to be on a safe side I would put:

 # include <errno.h>                // For Cyg_ErrNo
+# ifndef EDOM
+#   define EDOM 33
+# endif

>then I see 1 libm test failure
> (out of tolerance):  frexpf
> I hope this helps.

I do not recall such failures (It's been a long time when I last tested on
Cortex-M), but now I'll run the tests with both hard and soft FP.


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