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[Bug 1001539] Single precision floating point math library

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--- Comment #33 from Ilija Kocho <> ---
Created attachment 2255
Inline some portable API functions for IEEE only option (incremental)

Here is a proposal for optimisation of some functions for both space and speed.
If CYGSEM_LIBM_COMPAT_IEEE_ONLY compatibility option is selected then portable
API (wrapper) functions became trivial and can be inlined. Inlining eliminates
one step of indirection, producing faster code. The generated code in total, is
also shorter. At present following portable APIs are inlined: atan2/atan2f and
hypot/hypotf. The reason for this selection is that they are used by basic
complex carg/cargf and cabs/cabsf operations respectively.
Inlining option is user selectable and is disabled by default in order to
preserve backward compatibility

Here we come to complex number support. My initial intention was to enable only
basic operations: argument, abs value, conjugation, real and imaginary parts
(some of them trivial/builtin). However it turned out that complete complex
library (taken from Newlib) compiled without warnings - almost verbatim.
Therefore I decided to submit complete complex library as well. Most functions
are unaltered - hence original copyright banners are preserved. The ones that I
have altered are (however trivial) different enough to publish them under eCos
licence. That includes: carg, cabs, conj, creal and cimag - all double and
Arguably the complex support could be subject to a separate bug, but IMO it
fits here well in context of previous paragraph. It is easy to change the topic
of this bug accordingly.

Note: This attachment is incremental to 1656+1657+1658 patch collection. It
does not contain complex functions body. That will be posted in a patch that


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