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[Bug 1001873] Patches to upgrade lwip to 1.4.1

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--- Comment #10 from Will Wagner <> ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Hi Will
> Thank you for the contribution. I am trying to apply the patches with patch
> utility but there are some problems.
>    1. text format: It seem patch utility is not happy with lines containig
> "\ No newline at end of file".
>    2. Once I overcame that I got stuck with patch 0005. It doesn't seem to
> fit cdl/lwip_net.cdl
> Please check the patches against current CVS / patch utility.
> Ilija

I was using a slightly old version of the eCosPro hg repository. The first
patch doesn't apply against head because of jld's commit 8 days ago to snmp in
lwip. I have respun my patches bases upon current head of the hg repository,
but only the first patch changes. I realise I was removing the from/date info
from the patches before, perhaps this was causing your issue.

I am able to apply all patches to CVS head using "patch -p < filename"

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