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[Bug 1001897] lpc2xxx CAN driver improvements / enhancements

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--- Comment #12 from Bernard Fouchà <> ---
FYI I obtained documents from NXP stating that the LPC1765 CAN cell is exactly
the same one than on the LPC2xxx, that conformance tests have been done by NXP
on the LPC2xxx and so that these tests apply to the LPC1765. NXP wrote that I'm
not allowed to give away these documents, but I got them simply by asking NXP
on their website, so I suppose anyone can get them too.

AFAIK the LPC1765 never had any CAN related errata reported. However I reported
an error in the documentation to NXP in January 2012 (CAN controller numbering
is wrong), they acknowledged the error but they never released an updated
version of UM10360.pdf. So maybe there are other reported problems that don't
make it to an errata document.

The NXP test document I have is dated September 2006 and includes bus off

I can't test on the LPC1765 before next week at the earliest and the driver I
use is different because of the LPC1765 "pending interrupt problem", but what
you describe should appear here also if we have the same CAN cell.

Can you describe what you do on the CAN bus to reach bus off? I could try to
reproduce here and see if I also see RM staying at zero.

Did you check the value of EWL? If is 0 or 255 I wonder what happens...

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