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[Bug 1001897] lpc2xxx CAN driver improvements / enhancements

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--- Comment #13 from Uwe Kindler <> ---

> I can't test on the LPC1765 before next week at the earliest and the driver
> I use is different because of the LPC1765 "pending interrupt problem", but
> what you describe should appear here also if we have the same CAN cell.
> Can you describe what you do on the CAN bus to reach bus off? I could try to
> reproduce here and see if I also see RM staying at zero.
> Did you check the value of EWL? If is 0 or 255 I wonder what happens...

Create a thread that prints a debug message in a loop via diag_printf (i.e. one
message per second). Create a second thread that simply sends CAN messages
(i.e. one message per second). When this application is running, simply unplug
the CAN bus cable from the CAN connector.

If your debug message from the thread stops, then you know you are spinning in
the CAN ISR. You can activate the debug output in the driver to see register
contents and ISR reason (ICR_BUS_OFF) - it will be printed again and again ...

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