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[Bug 1001873] Patches to upgrade lwip to 1.4.1

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Will Wagner <> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEEDINFO                    |MODIFIED

--- Comment #23 from Will Wagner <> ---
(In reply to comment #21)
> Will, the complete diff against existing eCos sources looks clean.
> Can you let me know which significant lwIP features you have exercised using
> this codebase? For example, which protocols, interfaces and APIs?

In our code we have only really used the sequential mode. Have used ARP, ICMP,
IGMP, UDP, TCP using netconn and sockets API. Have also only been testing on
devices with a single network interface.

> Also, have you been able to run the eCos tests for lwIP?

We have had httpd_sequential and httpd_simple both working fine. We'll take a
look at running more of the tests.

> Finally, can you confirm that all the eCos patches (changes relative to
> upstream lwIP 1.3.2) have been applied to lwIP 1.4.1? I appreciate that the
> PPP-related patches will have been dropped in favour of the new lwIP
> implementation.

Yes I believe so. Most of the eCos patches for lwip since the move to lwIP
1.3.2 have been in the eCos wrapper not the actual lwIP code. We have left the
wrapper untouched except where needed. Patch 4 contains all the previous
modifications to lwIP code and is just reapplying part of the commit
"cdl/lwip_net.cdl: New CDL option CYGSEM_LWIP_MEM_SECTION."

The two other commits to lwIP code were "Fix compiler warning about unused
variables. [Bugzilla 1001521]" and "src/core/snmp/msg_out.c: Applied lwip
bugfix #29256." both of which are dealt with now in the upstream lwIP 1.4.1

> Thanks
> John Dallaway

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