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[Bug 1001873] Patches to upgrade lwip to 1.4.1

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--- Comment #25 from Ilija Kocho [ÐÐÐÑÐ ÐÐÑÐ] <> ---
Created attachment 2365
ECM optimised for lwIP nc_test_slave

I tried nc_test_slave on Kinetis K70 and it works fine. Here I attach ECM file
of my test configuration.

Will, this is a great work, however there are some things to address:

1. Compilation of tests breaks on compiling the PPP test. The following
lwip_net.cdl hack makes it compile:

         calculated      { "tests/httpd_sequential tests/httpd_simple " .
-                          "tests/nc_test_slave tests/ppp " .
+                          "tests/nc_test_slave " .
                           "tests/socket tests/sys_timeout tests/tcpecho " .
                           "tests/udpecho" }

This is, however, a workaround rather than fix. The PPP test program should be
either fixed (synchronised with PPP upgrade) or, if obsolete, removed

2. There are still some compiler warnings ( GCC 4.6.3 - eCos GNU Tools
4.6.3-20120623 )

3. There's no ChangeLog record.

4. Copyright banners of eCos specific files that you have touched should be


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