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[Bug 1001656] FreeBSD: add AF_PACKET socket familiy

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--- Comment #10 from Juergen Lambrecht <> ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Created attachment 2388 [details]
> Simple test to send a raw ethernet packet and to receive a raw ethernet
> packet
> Hello,
> I just wanted to confirm that this patch is working, applied to eCos
> revision 3272 (checked out from ecoscentric mercurial repository).
I also want to confirm this patch works for me. I updated to the ecos CVS
repository from 7/2013.
> I attached a c-file with two simple functions:
> * sendPacket() - sends a raw packet with a given ethernet type
> * receivePacket() - busy wait until a packet is received with the given
> ethernet type
> I DID NOT test the effects of the additional bug fixes, so I can not give
> feedback on those!
Same for me, but we are testing 3 applications with it for the past months and
no eCos issues so far.
> I would like to see this patch included into the ecos repository sometime
> soon!
same for me
> Regards
> - Daniel

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