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[Bug 1001656] FreeBSD: add AF_PACKET socket familiy

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--- Comment #12 from Bernd Edlinger <> ---

thanks for reporting this.
I had not done much testing in the IPv6 area.

The issue with the bind is, that

 sockaddr sa1=*sa;

copies exacly 32 bytes. So all sockaddr_xx structures should
have at least 32 bytes, otherwise we get access beyound the end
at this point.

I had not seen that sockaddr_in6 is shorter than sockaddr.
that looks wrong indeed.

I'd suggest you try to make sockaddr 4 bytes larger

struct sockaddr_in6 {
        u_int8_t        sin6_len;       /* length of this struct(sa_family_t)*/
        u_int8_t        sin6_family;    /* AF_INET6 (sa_family_t) */
        u_int16_t       sin6_port;      /* Transport layer port # (in_port_t)*/
        u_int32_t       sin6_flowinfo;  /* IP6 flow information */
        struct in6_addr sin6_addr;      /* IP6 address */
        u_int32_t       sin6_scope_id;  /* scope zone index */
        char            sin6_zero[4];   /* padding */

does this work?

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