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Re: Host tools configuration

>>>>> "Gary" == Gary Thomas <> writes:

    Gary> Bart,
    Gary> I'm having trouble building the ConfigTool. I'm using a
    Gary> Debian development system (don't ask!) and building of
    Gary> ecosconfig fails because -ldl isn't being included in the
    Gary> link. I think this is because your scripts expect
    Gary> ${TCL_LIB_SPEC} to include everything to link a TCL program,
    Gary> but I think you need to add ${TCL_LIBS} to it.

Which particular version of Debian are you using? One of my machines
runs Debian 3.0, which shipped with Tcl 8.3.3, and I have not had any
problems rebuilding ecosconfig. 

    Gary> What I want to (at least try) is this:
    Gary> gthomas@artemis:/work/tools/BUILD/ecos$ diff -u acsupport/acinclude.m4{~,}
    Gary> --- acsupport/acinclude.m4~     Wed Feb 12 13:31:52 2003
    Gary> +++ acsupport/acinclude.m4      Fri Aug 15 08:02:15 2003
    Gary> @@ -543,7 +543,7 @@
    Gary>             if test -z "${TCL_LIB_SPEC}" ; then
    Gary>                 AC_MSG_ERROR(${tclconfig}/ does not define TCL_LIB_SPEC, and unable to find libtcl.a)
    Gary>             fi
    Gary> -           ecos_LIBS="${ecos_LIBS} ${TCL_LIB_SPEC}"
    Gary> +           ecos_LIBS="${ecos_LIBS} ${TCL_LIB_SPEC} ${TCL_LIBS}"
    Gary>             dnl Next, look for
    Gary>             possibles=`echo ${possibles} | sed -e 's,tcl,tk,g'`

Unfortunately every time these libraries change it seems to break on
one platform or another. The current set of libraries seems to have
worked for everybody since December, so I am reluctant to make
changes unless absolutely necessary.

    Gary> My problem is though - what's the magic to regenerate all of
    Gary> the 'configure' files once this has changed?

I use the following shell script:
#! /bin/sh
# This script updates all configure etc. scripts in a directory tree.
# If invoked with no arguments it uses "find" to locate
# scripts and recursively invokes acall on them. If invoked with
# a single argument then that identifies a script,
# i.e. a recursive invocation, and the hard work is done.
if test "$#" = 0 ; then
    find . -name -exec acall {} \;
    cd `dirname ${1}`
    echo Updating `pwd`

On an RH9 system, to avoid spurious diffs those should probably read
aclocal-1.4, autoconf-2.13 and automake-1.4. If you start using more
recent versions then there may be nasty side effects, and it would be
necessary to retest on various different platforms.


Bart Veer                       eCos Configuration Architect     The eCos and RedBoot experts

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